About me…

It was never my intention to buy a coffee machine. But the Black Friday specials advertised on the online catalogue were just so damn irresistible. So in between my loud and disparaging remonstrations against Black Friday purchases I bought this small coffee machine and discovered the wonder of chococinos…

As it turns out, I don’t like coffee machine coffee. At least not the coffee machine coffee produced by my coffee machine. Except the chococinos. They are delicious and comforting in all the ways one would expect your chococino to be delicious and comforting.

So on days that I feel challenged and alone…or blue and alone…or annoyed and alone…or enraged and alone…I just flick on the switch and out comes liquid consolation. A few sips and maybe an Oreo or three (how dare you judge my sugar intake in this mad world?) and nothing seems quite as lonely or challenging or annoying or enraging.

And that’s what we do, isn’t it? We can’t change the world but we can find simple things that make it a little less lonely or frightening.

So ready your chococino and let’s chat…

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