Have you ever looked around at everything…the things, the someones, the happenings…and just found everything ridiculous?

I’m sitting on a couch in front of my television and looking at a pillow case on a chair in the corner of the room. Frida Kahlo’s brightly coloured face is staring back at me. I love her face. I have no idea why. Many years ago in a country I’ve never been to and probably will never visit despite my desperate desires, this woman painted nice things. Now I love her.


My cats are ridiculous. Abusive assholes really. They have made it clear they are no fans of me. By the looks on their faces when I try to pet them I suspect they find me smelly and annoying. Their bourgeoisie attitudes drive me nuts. Until they’re hungry. Then I get smothered with love. But I buy it, each and every time.


You know what’s also ridiculous? Working. You go through vicious selection processes. You are vetted and interviewed and discussed and judged. Only to be appointed and told exactly what to do. People poop their pants regularly about how school systems are keeping kids from developing their creativity and innovative abilities. But why would schools bother if creativity and innovation are only valuable to the guys working for Google?


You wanna talk about ridiculous? Let’s ponder the ridiculous repetition of life. Every morning, by some unexplained force, the sun rises in the East. Every day we get another chance without deserving one ounce of it. But every day we do the same shit.


Me? I’m the most ridiculous of all. Every morning when that ludicrous sun rises I fall for it. I go through my day and follow the rules and bite my tongue and go back home. I stare at a computer screen for at least 10 hours a day. And why? So that I can earn money to feed my cats?

I want to be stupid. Stupid enough to sell this house and get on an airplane. And I don’t particularly love travelling, so I don’t want to go anywhere too far. I want to taste other food and talk to other people. All before I die. I won’t be alive much longer. Time flies at a sabotaging speed.

Being stupid seems much less ridiculous then going to work tomorrow.

It’s also ridiculously freezing over here. Chococino time.

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