Something’s been bobbing around the back of my head for a few years now and the bobbing is getting louder. Seeking employment in another country has always seemed like the ultimate move in courage and adventure.

Many years ago my dad and I fell down a rabbit-hole of watching House Hunters International. We’d watch hours and hours of people looking for homes in new countries while navigating the sometimes shocking revelations of how small some bathrooms and kitchens can be in European countries (especially the poor Americans were often shocked at the small rooms and lack of appliances. Apparently American homes are huge and they all have dish washers…). It was fascinating and it tickled that part of me that thinks maybe I can do it too…

I admire people who give wings to their sense of adventure. I’d love to get to know a new country. And not in that oh-look-there-is-Big-Ben kinda way. To know…really know…the people and the practices and the mentalities and the hardships and the history. To even become like them a little bit. The few times I’ve travelled internationally, my favorite parts of the journey were those where I ventured off the beaten track and met some realness.

Years ago I met a Dutch girl from Leiden at the university where I was studying at the time. She was an exchange student and she seemed utterly foreign and new-toy-fresh to me. I felt like poking her with a stick to see what noises she’d make. But when we got beyond the strangeness of one another’s accents and habits, we became very good friends and are still good friends today, despite not having seen each other in 18 years… (Gosh, has it been that long?!)

My country is just one of many that she has visited over the years. She truly is a citizen of the world. I revel in her stories and experiences and friendships.

But I suspect I’ll never gather the courage to make a move as grand as stepping over a pond to another rock. Every time I think I’ve accumulated enough bravery, I’m overcome with a sense of exhaustion at the mere thought of what must happen for overseas employment to realize. My 40 year-old spirit is about 20 years to old for that kind of effort…

I guess I shall just live vicariously through my friends and my imagination. Tonight, I linger in France…not because of the chococino, but because of the wine…

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