Cool Runnings is one of my favourite movies but it took me upwards of 20 years to understand it. When Coach Irv tells Derice (…yeah, the spelling, right? I had to Google it. I was Tereese-ing the poor man…) about winning the Olympic gold medal for bobsledding: if you’re not enought without it, you’ll never be enough with it, I didn’t at all understand why it was such a key moment in the movie. It’s such shit advice.

But I saw the movie as a youngster. When I was encased in a fog of ambition and dreams. For me, being enough without the gold medal was simply not an option. If you’re not enough without it, then go get it.

How easy it was for me to judge the statement…

Obviously I was also a stupid youngster. Because life – specifically life as an adult – does not bend itself to the will of the ambitious. It seeks out the dreamers and hurls obstacles in their paths. It can break you and it can take from you all that you cherish. Your recklessness, laziness, stupidity, maliciousness or madness is hardly even needed…

Lockdown restrictions in my country has had tremendous economic effect on all businesses, including my brother’s. He was lucky enough to keep his job but he was moved to another department and is now doing work for which he feels untrained and unprepared. He has worked his ass off his whole life toward one dream and it seems like it’s slowly slipping away due to…circumstance…

I’m convinced this move is only making my brother better at his real job and that it will contribute to future success. I also know it’s temporary. But it has made me think about my own tendency to take aim at a specific goal and attach it a little too closely to my life’s happiness.

Those who overcome life to achieve their dreams are applauded, as they should be. But those who do not achieve their dreams and manage to live a full, happy life should also be cheered. It’s not easy. It takes a rich, interesting, incomparably strong person to come to the end of their life without fulfilling large dreams and think: this was a hell of a ride, I’ll do this again…

I guess it’s in the small things. The friends, the family, the kids, the hobbies, the spirituality, the romance, the adventure, the laughter, the chocolate, the chococino, or whatever else tickles the banana.

And right now, it’s chococino.

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