Hopping along on one leg after breaking my ankle has taught me a few things: 1) investing in good brassieres is always a good idea, don’t let no fool tell ya different. 2) Movement is good.

I used to be such an enthusiastic fan of pilates…until my instructor recently laughed at me for failing to do some put-your-head-behind-your-ass-pose in a manner less elegant than he hoped for. I retreated like cat whose foot was dipped in water, and abandoned the practice altogether.

I can’t tell you how much I regret that.

Last night a few friends were over for margaritas and Mexican food. At some point…I suspect at the peak of our inebriation…all four of us expressed great disappointment and worry about our physical formats. Some of us lamented our weight, some our state of health and vivaciousness. We passionately promised that – come 2021 – we will move! In whatever manner, we will move…

As clarity of thought and improved blood pressure descended on me this morning, I thought about my levels of activity over the years. I used to play sports seriously at school and early varsity. And apart from one netball game in which I tore the ligaments in my ankle (yes! Same ankle! The rat bastard…), I’ve floated through some pretty fierce sporting competitions unharmed.

Then the studies became serious. Then the career became serious and the idea of self care over the needs of clients or students does not accord with my strict Calvinistic and stoic upbringing. Exercise and movement became a luxury enjoyed only by the rich or unemployed.

But here…at the tender age of 41 (read 87)…I’ve come to understand how misguided this is. Because of all that pilates I can now bathe comfortably with my injured ankle folded at an unnatural angle that would prevent it from getting wet. It means the weight on my shoulders while walking on crutches is not a life-threatening event.

The fact that I abandoned pilates practice is near-scientific evidence that despite all my studying and qualifications, I can still be as stupid as a bucket of amoebas.

I’m starting again. As soon as I can move like a human and have had some chococino…

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