I love movies. Nay! I’m obsessed with it. But I’ve never quite managed to fall down the rabbit hole of binge watching television series, which seems to have become the international pasttime. I don’t have the equanimity to digest drawn out plots and I don’t appreciate being tantalized and tormented in the first episode, only for things to simmer down to a dull murmer when viewer ratings are secured.

Since the entire planet has basically shut down the last six months, new movies have not been churned out at its usual shameful rate. But that’s not the end of me, I read a lot too. But being at home permanently now, and being alone, I’ve had the desire to engage in something beyond reading. And television annoys me.

So I turned to radio.

It didn’t take long before the local radio stations started annoying the light purple and studded kak out of me. Really. Our radio personalities these days need to read and get out a little. Not to be judgmental but if you are going to insist on talking baby pig feses for 45 minutes and only play music for the remining 15 minutes of the hour, you and I will have a problem. And if you choose ridiculous music over anything that does not make me think dark thoughts, I will cut you.

Obviously not really, I can’t even hurt a garden snail, don’t be silly…

But then a friend told me something I should have figured out for myself, but I’ve never claimed superior intelligence, so I’m not too hard on myself. I was told to download a radio app and just stream literally any radio station on the planet and perhaps beyond.

How – in the name of all things acoustic – have I not discovered this earlier?!

The world is covered in magical radio stations. Foreign ideas and even foreigner accents. And stories. Oh, the stories. And the music! Today I’ve indulged in WROD 1340am from Daytona Beach. They play Rock’nRoll oldies all day, every day. I LOVE it. I LOVE IT!!

Yesterday New Orleans was in my home courtesy of WWOZ 90.7fm, playing jazz and blues and cajun music…and I fell head over heals. Then London’s Classic FM followed to sooth the savage beast. Then a little bit of BBC4 through the night.

I don’t know if I’m going back to TV. I don’t know if I’m going back to work or my life. My ears are just having too much damn fun travelling the world…

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