I’m angry. Or am I annoyed, I’m not sure anymore. The slew of negative emotions in quarantine gang up on me and bunch together like a bunch of old, white, bearded men, and you’re no longer sure if that guy there is Gandalf, Dumbledore or one of the dudes from ZZ Top.

I indulge in social media but I hate it. And I know humanity can beneficially use it, but today it just feels like social media is that kid at school with the bad skin and worse attitude who mocks the poor kids and hurts the scared ones.

I don’t know you. But I don’t want you dead. So it irks me down to my foundations when people post pseudo-medical advice online that could potentially hurt and even kill people. Of course we report such things and we advise and beg…but the post I’m referring to has already been shared 6,1 thousand times. Will everyone get the message?

Of course it all started with a president. If the boss says Pill So-and-So is the way to go, that is the way his people will go…

No…I’m actually wrong. It all started with an idea. An idea that if we don’t reject what is unfamiliar, what is familiar to us will suffer. So we cling to anything and anyone who breaks down the unfamiliar, the unknown, and shows us the way forward.

And that idea was perpetuated and given new meaning and new strength by ill-considered posts and the dead-easy dissemination of fear-inducing anti-truths on social freaking media.

I want social media to be Captain America. I want social media to stand up and say: hey you! That information can hurt people. Take it down. At once. (The ‘at once’ must be included…naturally…) I don’t want to question everything because so much is fake. I want there to be a beacon of honour…so that we don’t have to say ‘oh but that is rubbish, my doctor has told me this and that…‘ but secretly fear that you read the truth online all along but chose not to believe it, even if it is clearly ridiculous.

I want social media to fight for us. It is, after all, the universe of the new villain.

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