In an unexpected twist of destiny, global lockdowns have put introverts everywhere in the same powerful position as extroverts have always enjoyed pre-quarantine. But I’ll be perfectly honest, even as an introvert, I can feel the desire for freedom tucking at my mind.

Look, I know I’m free. There’s only a prohibition on: going anywhere other than supermarkets and pharmacies, driving around aimlessly, visiting friends, walking, running, cycling, even working on your pavement outside your residential fence, all in the name of community health and safety.

I get it and I wholeheartedly support it.

But as someone who has been blessed with freedom my whole life, I yearn for the privilege of getting in my small tin lizzie and taking to the road, almost no wind in my hair, and celebrating my freedom by going absolutely anywhere I damn well please.

I idled my car a bit today, just to remind the engine who’s boss. I sat in my car daydreaming awhile…I imagined being naughty and just driving to work where I’ll probably be shoo-ed away by angry security guards. I pressed around in my memory bank to remember how it felt to ride the open road to a next town.

We take it for granted, don’t we? Freedom. I adore my freedom and I totally get why people fight for it. But I’m not 100% sure why people would deny anyone or anything else the same pleasure.

In my thoughts I cannot separate freedom and dignity.

When all this is over, I’m driving and walking and running everywhere. Okay, I don’t know about the running part but you get the point. And I’ll be liberating my fish into the wild where they can swim free and unburdened by imprisonment. Okay, I don’t have fish, but we’re still busy with the point.

But first, chococino…

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