Lecturing at university level and teaching school kids are not the same thing. At least that’s my opinion and since this is my blog, my opinion is the force that turns earth.

Teachers are the great unsung heroes of man’s history on the planet. I’ve often wondered what would make you hate yourself so much that you’d voluntarily become a teacher. Then a teacher friend explained it to me and suddenly I understood that these people are not self-haters, they are angels.

And not the cute, fat-baby kind. No no, the very real thing.

To lecture a discipline at university in which you also conduct research is basically a grown ass person spending her days and nights getting lost in a world that brings her joy. And when teaching, it’s basically just that person telling other folks who are interested in the discipline how really truly awesome it is…

Hahahahahahaha!!! Not even a f**** little bit it turns out…

Forgive me, but I am at the end of my tether. I’m grading assignments on law of evidence and in my class of 566 students, about 16 have an idea about what’s shaking in the awe-inspiring world of proving crime. The rest are hovering somewhere between causing my death and causing my incarceration.

The biggest problem is of course the number of students. To teach skills that require students to speak up, argue, respond and question, you need personal contact with each student. I don’t have the time or superpowers to personally contact each of the 566 souls in my class.

So this is my question. How…in the name of everything that is holy…do professors and teachers continue the torture time and time again? How do you handle the devastating disappointment that your ass-kicking presentations, additional material, online tutor sessions, natural passion for the discipline and modern takes on teaching pedagogy (whatever the hell that means!!!) have had all the impact of an ice cream toaster?


Look I’m tired and my ass is disappointed. So I’m sorry about the rant. I’m also sorry about the fact that I’m about to drink chococino that is 1 part chococino and 78 parts tequila.


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