It always kind of annoys me when people say ‘Oh, I never get sick.’ But I never get sick. The last time I needed medical attention was ten years ago when I was diagnosed with swine flu. So imagine my surprise (and when I say ‘surprise’ I really mean @#*%& annoyance and &#^@$ anger!) when I was diagnosed with bronchitis yesterday.

That’s right. Smack in the bulls-eye of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I get bronchitis.

We feel lonely in our homes, hidden away from something small enough to evade the eye but powerful enough to shut down the third rock from the sun. We feel cut off, vulnerable and a little sad, though we hesitate to admit it.

But today, as I scrambled to the pharmacy and pet shop with a scarf wrapped around my head, making me look like a character from Lawrence of Arabia, I felt just a smidgen of how lonely it must be to actually be sick. To carry the feared corona.

I also had a taste of what Moses must have felt like when he parted the Red Sea. Just one look at me revealed my pathetic constitution and people made way like I was a leper. I received no help when I dropped my bags. I had to get the large bag of cat food from the top shelf myself. And the woman at the counter forced me to first wash my hands before she would help me. (She was right, by the way…)

I completely understand how people felt. But what about all those people with COVID-19 who are alone? Maybe self-isolating and too scared to get good food or good medicine. Those people lying in hospital beds in quarantine, looking up at the ceiling wondering if anyone still remembers them or if their friends will ever visit again or if they’ll eventually die alone.

I’m alone at home but I’m not the only one alone at home. And I may have a bad flu but very many people have COVID-19 and they’re far more worried than I.

Tonight, I’m drinking my chococino to you, sick one. Where-ever you are in the world, my good energy will find you and it will hold you for a moment and you will be loved a little bit. You are not alone. And you will heal.

If corona number 19 has taught us anything, it’s that we are not alone.


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